Fred's Legacy...

Things in life are not always rosy especially when age starts to advance and health issues start to surface one after the other. On 2008, I began to notice and first experience weak stream urination which would finally result in urinary retention. At least I made three unscheduled visit to the Overlake Hospital emergency service to undergo a procedure to relieve the bladder of its content. This blockage in the urethra was caused by damage in the prostate and urethra tissue due to radiation side effects when I was treated for prostate cancer. The other health issue I had is atrial fibrillation of the upper part of the heart which seemed to be under controlled by medication.

Fred's written memoir ends here.

Fred's cancer spread beyond the prostate and he began further treatment in mid 2012. 
Fred passed away November 14, 2012; his Family and legacy will live on.

Family Portrait taken in 2008