FEATI Tech AROTW 'Ring Hop', 1953
Fred is standing by his sponsor


"posing for an album cover"
Boeing Engineers at the Rainer Brewery in Seattle, 1969. 

@ Witchita University Campus
Fred by his 1955 HT Pontiac.

Fred & Rainard
Taken in the 'Bayern Tree Haus'

Fall 2001 - Tony House and Fred.
Framing scissor trusses on Matt & Maria's existing roof; new structure is in the foreground.  Later Dad also helped put down the three tab roofing and helped install the new deck in back.  I think this is where Dad 'fell in love' with nail guns; the framing and coil nailer - used to install the three tab.  Everytime I go on the roof, to blow off pine needles, or install christmas lights, I'm reminded of some of his handy-work and hard work.  He never complained - even through the miserable rain we had during construction.

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